Your reliable supplier
for Parts and Assemblies.

We deliver parts and assemblies with a strong economic efficiency, while keeping the quality and delivery performance high! We  guarantee the supply of consistent quality for even the most complex prototypes and serial production parts.

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Our way of working


Our way of working


During the start-up of your project, we will discuss all the specific needs and build-up the most optimal supply-chain; according to the customer’s specific needs!

Our way of working


After the supply-chain has been set-up, we make it our goal to keep on finding improvements for our customers! As the worldwide supply-chain keeps on moving, we make sure that all our customers never miss-out an opportunity.

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Delivery performance

Our average delivery performance
in 2023


The length of our largest assembly delivered for a happy customer.

+/- 0.005mm

Tolerance that we can acquire for
some of our customers

Responsible business

We make it our mission to support in creating a sustainable supply chain. By working together and sharing the right data, we have the power to discover continuous optimizations that benefit all stakeholders involved, for the long term.


We strongly believe in a zero-waste mentality that benefit both the planet and the economy.


By continuous, on-floor, supplier development we secure a safe workspace at the production sites of our suppliers.


We ensure high ethical standards at sourcing partners both internally and at our partners work environment.

Our partners' certifications

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