Responsible business.

We make it our mission to support in creating a sustainable supply chain.
By working together and sharing the right data, we have the power to discover continuous optimizations that benefit all stakeholders involved, for the long term.

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Responsible business


We are a strong believer in the zero-waste philosophy

We believe that all initiatives should start with correct measuring, therefore we share all requested product data with our customers to understand the environmental footprint of each step in the supply chain.

We pro – actively share and initiate improvements with our customers to decrease waste among the supply chain and improve the ecological footprint.

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Responsible business


Safety at our partners and even in the whole supply chain is critical and closely monitored.

Sourcing partners is deeply involved in supplier development to ensure the continuous improvement in a safe and clean work environment.

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Responsible business


We ensure high ethical standards at sourcing partners both internally and at our partners work environment

We conclude an anti-bribery and anti-corruption code of conduct for all of the sourcing partners colleagues

We conclude an ethical code of conduct at our partners working spaces in order to avoid abuses such as child labour, ensure a proper working space, ensure proper salary payments


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